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We provide creative solutions and innovative approaches to digital communication. Through immersive experiences with a focus on augmented reality, virtual reality and real-time applications.

Augmented Reality

We harness the latest technologies to create immersive experiences for innovative marketing campaigns of any scale, cultural attractions, real-estate developments, e-commerce webAR and web-based AR experiences. Our extensive in-house experience with emerging AR technologies allow us to be agile and adapt to any challenge!


We develop innovative immersive applications which transform the way our clients see their world. We are pioneering the AR/VR space by harnessing the power within everyone's pockets to create imaginative, exciting projects for standalone brand applications. ​

Web Apps

The real strength of web based applications is accessibility. Making projects and campaigns easily reachable without slow download times or hardware requirements. Our roots in architectural design have given us the ability to rethink the way projects may be communicated, by focusing on every detail of our applications.

Real-time Experiences

At extraother we love real-time technologies from game ready applications, architectural visualisation or museum ready short-animations. Over the years our real-time visualisations and experiences have gained considerable praise and have been displayed across the world in a+d museum, Magazin Gallery and Ars Electronica to name a few.​

Creative Content

We strive to produce innovative creative content at all times, working with our immersive technology skillset to elevate our clients brands!


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